tidwell project

capturing potential through the arts

Board of Directors

Rita Bailey, Esq.
Krameelah Banks, Ph.D.
Miriam Bernard
Stephanie Branton
Nancy Collins, M.D.
Renee` Crater
Whitney Crater Owens
Connie Curry
Joe Hargrove, M.D.
Frances Harris, M.D.
Ronda Henry-Tillman, M.D.
Courtney Johnson, D.D.S..
Tiffany Mays O'Guinn, Esq.
Donell Meadows
Alicia Smith
Alonzo Williams, M.D.
Susan Williams
Bettye Williamson
Michelle Williamson

Advisory Committee

Annette Fisher
Marianne Flammang
Diane Johnson
Pat Jones
Groesbeck Parham, M.D.
Patricia Sumler


capturing potential through Art


The Tidwell Project, Inc. is an organization that inspires and supports youth to identify and achieve their goals through mentoring, learning, performing arts experiences, and participation in a powerful community.  The Project’s comprehensive programs strive to instill discipline and to encourage creativity, enabling students to develop to their full potential and to excel in their chosen endeavors.  The Project’s positive presence in the community offers individuals a safe haven in which to explore and express themselves both emotionally and physically, and helps them develop into contributing members at large.